Advantech Certified HUBZone, SDVOSB, VOSB

Signals Intelligence/Information Operations (SIGINT/IO) U.S. Navy/Space and Naval Warfare System Center Pacific, San Diego, CA

  • U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFF)
  • Navy Cyber Forces Command (NCF)
  • PEO C4I
  • Information Operations (IO) Mission
  • Center for Information Dominance (CID)

Services: Advantech cybersecurity and intelligence experts deliver planning, analysis, execution and resourcing of IO programs, training and support services. The Advantech team provides deep subject matter expertise in Cryptology and Communications, Electronic Attack (EA) equipment; IO, and system analysis and support in the following strategic areas: organic and non-organic SIGINT data and applications, National SIGINT/Intelligence Data, Real Time Regional Gateway (RT-RG), TURBULENT WAVE, SCI Common Intelligence Picture (CIP) and GENSER Common Operational Picture (COP).

Advantech works with customers to improve their capability to gather, process, analyze and interpret massive quantities of information and intelligence; effectively manage risk, and protect mission and business critical data from cyber crime and rogue state-sponsored intrusions.

Fleet Electronic Warfare (EW) and Weapons Improvement U.S. Navy Fleet Electronics Warfare Center and NAVYCYBERFOR

Services: Advantech cyber/intel staff supports spectrum operations and the core capabilities of EW including: Electronic Attack (EA), Electronic Protect (EP), Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO), Spectrum Management (SM), and Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM). In EW, Advantech intelligence experts provide strategic, operational and tactical planning; operational support and reach-back; training database/library data management; Fleet EW equipment and manpower requirements; experimentation; tactics evaluation; doctrine development; systems assessment; information technology management and administration; engineering and technical services; management and professional support services; and training and manpower analysis and evaluation.

The Advantech team of professionals provides extensive expertise in gap analysis, business process improvement, measurement, organizational readiness and effectiveness to successfully assist FEWC in improving Navy EW and Spectrum Management Programs across DOTMPLF. We help organizations protect their classified, public and private information systems, data, and networks from cyber threats, and harden cybersecurity defenses against cyber terrorists across the world.

Cyber Warfare Support U.S. Navy/Space and Naval Warfare System Center Pacific, San Diego, CA

Services: Under this contract Advantech staff examines the architecture, engineering, functionality, interface and interoperability of Cyber Warfare systems services and capabilities at the tactical, operational and strategic levels and all enabling technologies. Our experts deliver operational exercise design and construction,operations and requirements analysis, concept formulation and development, feasibility demonstrations and operational support.

Advantech's work includes analysis and development of operational, functional and system requirements to establish national, theater and force level architecture and engineering plans, interface and systems specifications and definitions, and implementation, including hardware acquisition for turnkey systems.

Advantech's highly skilled professionals provide software design and implementation, systems integration, test and evaluation and demonstration. We propose and participate in Exercise and Experimentation (including war gaming) to develop and assess Cyber Warfare, enabling capabilities and their utility, and helping to identify new tactics, techniques and procedures for full spectrum Cyber Warfare.

Advantech cybersecurity and EW experts provide organizations with timely access to high-quality, actionable data from disparate sources to accelerate analysis, response and situational awareness, and defend against cyber terrorists and rogue nations around the world.

Information Assurance (IA) Technical and Management Support U.S. Navy/Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command HQ, San Diego, CA

Services: Advantech cyber/intel experts provide leadership and expertise in tactical and strategic operations in intelligence and security, cyber operations, IA, Crypotologic language, and training management support with emphasis on Information Operations (IO), Information Assurance (IA) and Information Warfare (IW).

Advantech experienced cyber and IA professionals provide highly specialized, independent, platform-neutral expertise in a range of IO/IA/IW disciplines. They include: Program Management; Network Systems Security (NSS) Support; IA Certification, Test and Evaluation Support; Cryptographic Products Support; Systems Engineering, Architecture, Integration and Technical Support; Integrated Logistics (ILS) and Life Cycle Support; Sustainment Support Services; Operations Support; DMS Requirements and Integration Support; Cyber Security and Homeland Defense Infrastructure Support; and Secure Wireless Network Infrastructure Support.

At Advantech, we know how to apply our deep experience and knowledge to improve data-driven defensive and offensive decision-making, defend against constantly changing EW strategy and tactics, and protect mission-critical information and spectrum.